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Kuhn: KSP Screw Press

Used in disposal processes, where separated, moist materials are dewatered, compressed and transported away.

The Kuhn GmbH KSP Screw Press incorporates the following treatment benefits:

Small dimensions owing to its compact design

• Sturdy construction

• Long service life due to the use of high-quality materials

• Armour-plated conveyor screw

• Dewatering: up to 40% dry matter (depending on the material to be dewatered)

• Removable press water pan

• Reduction of disposal costs

• Special steady and counterbalance bearings

• Increased dewatering area due to a wedgewire

• A bagging mechanism may optionally be attached to the press pipe for hygiene purposes as well as retaining odours.

Technical Data:

Download Kuhn GmbH KSP Screw Press PDF [348 KB]