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Kuhn: KSF-P Spiral Compactor

Used for conveying and subsequent dewatering of solid matter and solid loaded sludge in wastewater treatment and many other branches of industry.

The Kuhn GmbH KSF-P Spiral Compactor incorporates the following treatment benefits:

Hygienic protection ensured by enclosed system

• Conveyor lengths up to approx. 20 m can be achieved without an intermediate bearing

• Multiple insertion spots are possible along the hauling distance

• Simply dewaters and increases the dry mass content of the transported material

• Alternative to screw presses (KSP or KWP)

• An extra simple and easy to maintain solution for haulage

• Counter pressure adjustable via spring-weighed pressure valve

• Flexible modular design

• Additional functions integrated in the transport path (e.g. washing/heating)

Technical Data:

Download Kuhn GmbH KSF-P Spiral Compactor PDF [252 KB]