• MN Products MNSS Combined Brush Screen

MNSS Combined Spiral Brush Screen

Featuring innovative & patented design features the MNSS Combined Spiral Brush Inlet Screen is ideally suited to a wide range of wastewater treatment applications and can be installed directly into a channel or supplied in a tank. 

Designed in-house the MNSS combines screening, washing, transport, compaction and dewatering in a single cost effective ‘stand alone’ solution.

MNSS units are easy to install and was developed to be retro-fitted within existingInlet Works infrastructures to simplify the screening process, maximise operational efficiencies and avoid unplanned repair costs.

Managing flow rates of up to 150 litres/sec four MNSS models are available to suit channel widths of 300mm (MNSS3), 400mm(MNSS4), 500mm (MNSS5) & 700mm (MNSS7).


Supplied with either 3mm or 6mm perforated mesh baskets the MNSS3, MNSS4 & MNSS5 can be supplied to suit installation angles of 35 degrees or 45 degrees. The MNSS7, the largest in the range, will fit a channel width of 700mm at a single installation angle of 35 degrees.

Dependent upon the diameter of basket and screen perforation, throughput can be tailored to meet site specific requirements. During operation wastewater passes through the perforated screen basket which retains suspended, floating and settling solids before they are removed from the screen basket surface and transported, compacted and dewatered via an enclosed screw conveyor.

The screening area is self-cleaning and additional cleaning benefits have been achieved by a simplified wash system and specially designed hard wearing ‘Grit Resistant Brush’.

Operational wear & subsequent maintenance requirements are significantly reduced due to M&N’s patented Bottom End Bearing design. This prevents the rotating auger from dropping onto the screen basket; a problem commonly associated with brush screening units available from other manufacturers.

Maintenance can be comfortably undertaken on site with easy access to and removal of wash covers, improved access to screen via a pivoting support leg and the ability to replace the shaft end ‘in situ’ if necessary.

MNSS screens can be adjusted to suit site characteristics and can also be tank mounted with integrated hand rake and bypass screens where required.

Independently tested at Chester Le Street

the MNSS Combined Spiral Brush Screen achieved average SCRs of 53%

Key Product Features / Benefits:

  • Suitable for flows of up to 150l/s
  • Frame & perforated basket fabricated from stainless steel SS304 or SS316L
  • Patented Bottom End Bearing design significantly improves operational life of brush, auger & basket
  • Hard wearing Grit Resistant brush (proven to last up to 4 times longer than other manufacturer brushes)
  • No soleniod valves in wash water system
  • Odour free operation due to enclosed design
  • Efficient & robust self cleaning
  • High performance reliability due to robust construction
  • Easy access for maintenance
  • Low maintenance (TOTEX) costs
  • Hygienically enclosed design
  • Designed to be suitable for outdoor sites / operation as standard in Winter conditions
  • Custom screen lengths available on request
  • Discharge options include: fixed chute, swivel chute, Longpac bag & screw conveyor
  • Low cost screening option, easy to install & fit

Technical Data:

Download MNSS Combined Screen brochure [394KB]

For more information on our MNSS patent award.