• MN Products Kuhn KHU B XL Multi rake Screen

Kuhn: KHU-B XL Multi-rake Screen

The latest generation KHU multi-rake screen improves on the standard configuration, and has been designed to suit a large range of applications. 

Developed to achieve the maximum flow rate with minimal headloss, whilst ensuring optimum and steady removal of captured screenings.

The Kuhn GmbH KHU-B XL Multi-rake Screen incorporates the following treatment benefits:

• Suitable for very large hydraulic heads and channel widths

• Designed for the largest possible wastewater capacities

• Optimized flow with approximately 30% higher throughput

• Total removal of screenings from the channel bottom due to the Boomerang design

• Not affected by stones or gravel

• Simple machine care

• Space saving installation due to an almost upright position of 80°

• There are no side frame losses through a system frame that has been kept open

• Very low blockage thanks to selected forced engagement of the rake combs into the screen grate

• Utilises wedge wire bar profile to reduce blockage of the screen grate

• Highest cleaning speed available, expandable through additional clearing bars

• Drive chain in hardened high-grade steel (no steel or plastic tracks)

• Easily interchangeable segmented rake comb boards in hardened materials

• Solid system frames with specially designed maintenance openings

• Fully automated cleaning operation (no brushes or spray wash systems)

• Temporary backward running for self-cleaning of the screen grate possible

• Available in separate piece construction for difficult installation conditions

• Electro-magnetic overload protection

• Optional inspection glass panel

• Optional: two different broaching speed

Technical Data:

Download Kuhn GmbH KHU-B XL Multi-rake Screen PDF [274 KB]