• MN Products Kuhn KHU Multi rake Screen

Kuhn: KHU Multi-rake Screen

Ideally suited to the most difficult applications, including plants that deal with high volumes of stones, sand etc.

The Kuhn GmbH KHU Multi-rake Screen incorporates the following treatment benefits:

Designed for the largest conveying levels and flume widths

• Maximum separation capacity

• Retrofitting of additional rakes for flushing and rain weather flows possible

• 2 different purification speed options

• Significant purification speed of screen surfaces

• Segmented rakes can be easily replaced

• Stable screen frame made of folded profiles with optimised strength

• Fully automatic scraper 
- no brushes 
- no washing water consumption

• Guided penetration of rakes

• Overload protection protects the machine against damages

• Simple retrofitting into existing plants

• Simple maintenance

• No attachments necessary at the channel floor

Technical Data:

Download Kuhn KHU Multi-rake Screen PDF [1.3MB]