Hydro-Sludge® Screen

Remove, compact and dewater solids from sludge to cut maintenance, reduce handling costs and increase biosolids value.

The Hydro-Sludge® Screen removes, compacts and dewaters solids from municipal and industrial wastewater sludge to reduce handling costs, increase the calorific value of biosolids and improve overall treatment efficiency.

Hydro-Sludge Screen

A small-footprint, low-maintenance system designed to work early in the sludge management process, the Hydro-Sludge® Screen can handle dry solids of up to 9% and delivers screenings at up to 40% total solids—enabling engineers, operators and owners to protect valuable equipment, reduce blockages and increase the efficiency of downstream treatment processes such as anaerobic digesters.

The Hydro-Sludge® Screen generates a drier output that is easier and cheaper to handle and transport, whether for disposal or as a higher-value biosolids product for energy generation and other secondary processes.


  • Protect treatment equipment and processes from abrasion damage and ragging
  • Improve overall treatment efficiency
  • Cut solids handling, transport and disposal costs
  • Increase biosolids product value
  • Reduce the cost of process water

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