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Hydro-Dyne unique design features

Unique Internal Track Construction, Proprietary Sealing & Drive System.

All Hydro-Dyne Engineering Inc screen applications are manufactured to the highest specifications and boast several unique construction benefits, including:

Internal Track Construction

Hydro Dyne Internal Track Construction image

Hydro-Dyne screens are specially manufactured with internal tracks. With no bearing or wheels, they provide a robust and low maintenance wastewater screening application.

Water powered with no maintenance below the top of the channel and sealed to prevent grit wear, these are hard-wearing screens benefit from the ultimate in engineering specifications and long working life.

Proprietary Sealing

Hydro Dyne Track Proprietory Sealing image

Hydro-Dyne screens benefit from proprietary sealing which prevents the by-pass of solids.

By preventing the damaging effects of grit transference between the screen frame and guide link, these seals ensure maximum protection with no impact on performance.


Sealed between grid to frame and panel to panel, the specially engineered construction results in long working life and low maintenance costs when compared to other screening installations.

Drive System

Hydro Dyne Track Drive System1Hydro-Dyne’s patented electric and hydraulic drives comprise stainless steel sprockets supporting UHMWPE guidelinks.

  • Solid stainless steel sprockets
  • Drive track engineered from tough UHMWPE black plastic
  • Large diameter shaft
  • Directly coupled to motor gear
  • Additional central sprocket within wide screens
  • A minimum of 4 lugs engaged with sprocket at any time

Hydro Dyne Track Drive System2Combined these 2 drive elements result in little to no contact friction, ensuring maximum application service longevity.

(In the event that a grid element is bent, as no part of the drive touches the grid, there will be no resultant disabled screen.)

  • Direct drive system
  • Centrally mounted geared motor
  • Easy access for inspection

Hydro Dyne Track Construction Proprietory Sealing amp Drive Systems