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Hydro-Dyne: Low Flow Bull Shark Screen

The Low Flow Bull Shark is a reliable and economical screen for small wastewater treatment plants.

With screen openings from 3mm to 1inch, this is an application designed for flows as low as 100gpm.

LFS Low Flow Triden Screen

Benefits include:

  • Stainless steel axles, drive, links and supports
  • No submerged drive parts
  • Continuously cleaned with no rotating brushes
  • Easy access to lubrication points – only 2 grease fittings
  • Easy install and maintenance
  • Direct drive option – no chains or sprockets
  • Low operating & maintenance costs
  • 304 SS construction standard
  • Pivots for easy flow bypass
  • Fully enclosed for operator safety
  • Low profile bottom shoe and brush limit headloss and screen bypass
  • Low friction UHWMPE surface material