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FSM Frankenberger: Alpha Beta Escalator Screen

The FSM Alpha Beta Escalator Screen's innovative design allows higher flow rates to pass over the screening area, whilst keeping the overall footprint of the screen in the envelope area of a conventional escalator screen.

FSM Alpha Beta Escalator Screen

Delivering significant performance benefits, independent testing has shown that when compared to a conventional bar raked screen with 6mm bar spacing, the Alpha Beta's 6mm perforated screen panels can remove up to DOUBLE the amount of screenings.

The equipment's screening removal efficiency prevents the build up of screenings and resultant clogging up of the Waste Water Treatment Plant after the inlet Works. This helps avoid time consuming, costly measures associated with problems caused by ragging up of plant.

Market leading Screening Capture Ratio performance

FSM Alpha Beta Escalator Screen (6mm screening) - 82% SCR

Independently tested by ThompsonRPM at the National Screen Evaluation Facility

 Alpha Beta illustration1Alpha Beta Illustration2

Key features & benefits:

• Unique design: 30˚ angled section below water & 70˚ above water

• Collection of coarse matter via built-in rag lifters on filter panels

• Efficient cleaning of filter panels due to curved design

• Screenings conveyed efficiently to discharge point

• High performance reliability due to robust construction

• Low maintenance (TOTEX) costs

• Hygienically enclosed design

• Easily adapted to suit changes to operating conditions

• Suitable for outdoor sites / operation as standard in Winter conditions

Technical Data:

Download FSM Frankenberger GmbH & Co Alpha Beta Escalator Screen PDF [324KB]