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Fish & Eel Friendly Raw Water Intake Screens


Fish & Eel Friendly Dual Flow Raw Water Intake Screen

Fish & Eel Friendly Dual Flow Raw Water Intake Screen

M&N's specialist aquatic knowledge and screening expertise enables us to work with customers in a wide variety of sectors to ensure they meet their legal obligations to protect the environment from the impact of raw water abstraction.

Legislation and regulations in this area means that operators need to ensure the safe passage of fish and eels within the infrastructure of their liquid filtration and screening operations. This is a highly complex area where our team can help design a solution that meets both these legal responsibilities and ongoing operational priorities. 

Working in collaboration with FSM Frankenberger GmbH & Co and aquatic specialist Richard Horsfield, the M&N design team created this 'fish & eel friendly' raw water screening solution to meet a diverse range of screening applications and environments.

Manufactured in accordance with the best practise guidelines set out by the Environment Agency's 'Screening at intakes and outfalls: measures to protect eels' directive, this screen was unveiled at the 2016 Pump Centre Conference & Exhibition.

M&N's Fish & Eel Friendly Dual Flow Raw Water Intake Screen features the following key elements:

  • Stainless Steel construction
  • 1.7mm to 2mm aperture Woven Mesh or Perforated Screening Panels 
  • Low pressure washwater Fish Recovery System
  • Medium pressure wastewater Debris Removal System
  • Anti-Weed Discharge Roller
  • Bespoke Control Panel

To meet individual customer requirements or to fit within existing plant infrastructures, additional modifications can be incorporated.