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Market leading wastewater screening solutions to meet the needs of your Inlet Works

Our extensive portfolio of Kuhn, FSM and Hydro-Dyne screens offers a flexible, reliable and robust wastewater purification solution to municipal and industrial sewage treatment operations.

With high throughput and separation capacities our range of robust, money saving applications, include:

Kuhn GmbH portfolio

KSR Stair Screen / KSR-S Step Screen / KHU Multi-rake Screen / KHU-B XL Multi-rake Screen / KSS Spiral Screen

FSM Frankenger GmbH portfolio

Filter band Screen / Centre Flow Screen / Dual Flow Screen / Grab Bar Screen

Hydro-Dyne Engineering Inc portfolio

Great White: Centre Flow & Dual Flow Screens

Bull Shark: Low Flow Screen / Standard Screen / Heavy Duty Screen / Super Duty Screen / Front Discharge Screen

Our range of Hydro-Dyne screens come with a variety of grid options and unique Internal Track ConstructionProprietory Sealing and Drive Systems. We are also able to offer bespoke screens if none of the above options meet your specifitions.