• MN Products MNSS Combined Brush Screen

MNSS Combined Brush Screen

An advanced Combined Spiral Brush Inlet Screen that prevents metal-to-metal contact; significantly reducing brush deterioration and reducing ‘whole life’ costs when compared to other screen types of this design.

Specifically developed by our engineers to solve the inherent screen deterioration faced by the majority of screen manufacturers when inlet screening brushes wear out.

M&N’s innovative design prevents the rotating auger from dropping onto the basket and causing thousand’s of pounds of damage. We have simplified the wash process and developed a hardwearing brush, which can last up to 4 times longer than other manufacturer’s brushes.

This innovative application can be retrofitted to other types of brush screens, prolonging their lifespan, minimising downtime and saving money.

Our combined brush screen was tested and evaluated at the National Screenings testing facility at Chester Le Street and achieved a Screenings Capture Ratio of 53%.


Suitable for flows up to 150L/s

• Simplified wash process - Solenoid valves eliminated from wash water system

• Hard wearing grit resistant brush

• Bottom end bearing suitable for grit

• Configuration of shaft/gearbox assembly reduces maintenance costs

• Easy maintenance – top end wash covers easily removed – bottom end shaft can be replaced in situ 

• Bottom end section of screen can be retrofitted to similar applications

Technical Data:

Download MNSS PDF [233 KB]

For more information on our MNSS patent award.