Inlet Works equipment manufactured in-house by M&N

M&N's team of highly skilled engineers have created a range of wastewater applications to address a range of customer requirements.

Each product has been developed to meet distinct functional objectives and is manufactured to the highest industry standards. Examples include:

  • Inherent inlet screen deterioration faced by the majority of screen manufacturers is overcome - our brush screen solution has proved to last 4 times longer than other manufacturers brushes.
  • Where traditional methods struggle to cope with the rigours of imported tank reception, this can be overcome - our sludge screen solution can handle flows of up to 130m3/hr of sludge at 3-4% total dry solids.
  • When looking to reduce the volume of waste destined for landfill, this can be achieved quickly and efficiently - our bespoke solution can reduce landfill volume by more than 70%.

Our portfolio includes:

Screenings Removal Plants (SRP1500, SRP550 & SRP450 units)

MNSS Combined Spiral Brush Screen