• KSW Grit Washer amp Separator2

Kuhn: KSW Grit Washer & Separator

Used mainly in the treatment of sediments from municipal grit chambers. The receiver tank can also be filled dry with material from a silo, screw classifier or a package plant.

The Kuhn GmbH KSW Grit Washer & Separator incorporates the following treatment benefits:

• Ignition loss values < 3%

• Simple adaption to existing structures as the position of the grit discharge screw can be freely selected

• Dry matter content of the extracted grit > 90%

• No bottom mounting support for the grit discharge screw

• Low running costs

• High filtration output of fine and very fine grain grits

Technical Data:

Download Kuhn GmbH KSW Grit Washer & Separator PDF [217 KB]