Remove more, finer grit to protect downstream treatment equipment, increase plant efficiency and cut maintenance and repair costs.

HeadCell® is a stacked tray grit, sand and solids separator that captures and retains 95% of all wastewater grit 75 µm and larger.

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With a small footprint, no electrical requirements and no moving parts HeadCell® delivers exceptional and economical solids removal for small, medium or large municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants – helping engineers, operators and plant owners to maintain treatment effectiveness and cut operation and maintenance costs.

The unique stacked tray design provides the surface area required for outstanding performance within a small footprint, enabling treatment capacity increases using existing space, and its durable design ensures long component life with minimal wear and grease build-up even under challenging operating conditions.


  • Protect treatment equipment and processes from abrasive wear and sedimentation
  • Improve downstream treatment efficiency and reduce energy costs
  • Maximise wastewater treatment performance and free up plant space
  • Meet environmental discharge regulations
  • Build new treatment capacity or upgrade existing capacity
  • Double the treatment capacity in the same footprint as existing grit equipment

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