Grit King®

Remove fine grit to protect downstream processes at small, medium or large wastewater treatment plants.

The Grit King® is a compact, unpowered grit removal system that removes up to 95% of 106 μm particles or larger, preventing costly downstream abrasion and clogging.

in situ grit king with classifier isometric

Delivering exceptional separation in a single unit with no moving parts and no external power requirements, the Grit King® provides superior grit removal with low operational and maintenance requirements. Capable of handling flows as low as 11 l/s with a single unit and requiring less than 150 mm of headloss, Grit King® is ideal for small, medium or large facilities.

Available as a free-standing unit, the Grit King® provides a flexible option for plants with small, elevated inlet works—a configuration that can eliminate the need for a grit pump—and if the turndown ratio is less than 3:1 grit washing and dewatering is also not required.


  • Protect treatment equipment and processes from abrasive wear and sedimentation
  • Improve downstream treatment efficiency and reduce energy costs
  • Maximise wastewater treatment performance and free up plant space
  • Meet environmental discharge regulations
  • Build new treatment capacity
  • Eliminate the need for a grit pump, washing and dewatering

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