UK patent awarded for MNSS

Posted on 8 January 2015

M&N are delighted to announce that their in-house MNSS Combined Brush Screen has been awarded a UK patent for the design of its bottom end bearing.

The MNSS was designed by M&N’s team of highly skilled engineers to address the inherent screen deterioration faced by the majority of screen manufacturers when inlet screening brushes wear out.

As technical manager Ian Hayward comments:

“As with several of our in-house designs the MNSS Combined Brush Screen unit was developed to be retro-fitted within existing inlet works infrastructures to simplify the screening process, maximise operational efficiencies and avoid unplanned repair costs”

The UK patent covers the design of the bottom end bearing that prevents the rotating auger from dropping onto the unit’s basket; a problem often associated with brush screening units available from other manufacturers. M&N’s engineers simplified the wash process by removing solenoid valves from the wash system, and alongside the bottom end bearing developed a hardwearing brush, which can last up to 4 times longer than other manufacturer’s brushes.

The MNSS Combined Brush Screening Unit boasts an array of benefits and with the patented bottom end section can be easily retrofitted into existing applications. 

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