Scaling new heights with high performance lifting & haulage capabilities

Posted on 27 January 2017

Purpose built vehicle further enhances M&N's service offering to customers with high performance lifting & haulage capabilities. 

MandN Lorry with side crane extension 72dpi

With the ability to offer lift capacities of 140 tonnes/metre, our new purpose built 'state-of-the-art' vehicle combines the impressive power to weight ratio of an Effer 1405 crane with the substantial 450bhp power of a Scania lorry.  

Gordon and Jon lorry delivery 72dpi

Gordon McFarlane celebrates arrival on Portland with Jon Cooper of Martin Williams 

As one of the UK’s leading commercial vehicle bodybuilders & truck mounted crane installers, Martin Williams of Hull were commissioned to bring these two essential elements together and effect modifications to the chassis and on-board controls that would provide flexibility and stability in the most challenging operational environments.

The purpose built chassis supports a crane that can comfortably deliver contracted lifts to an impressive 780Kg at 36 metres, and is designed to perform where space is limited and the jib or winch needs be placed at a significant height/distance. Capable of transporting loads of up to 10 tonnes, this exciting addition to our operational resources packs an impressive punch.  

M&N’s general manager Stuart Spinney who spearheaded the project commented:

“This is an exciting addition to our lifting and transport capabilities. We’ve worked to provide a specialist vehicle that’s cutting edge in every aspect, from fuel efficiency to lifting demanding loads in tight spaces. Clearly our ability to deliver these high performance tasks gives a greater benefit to our customers. It enables us to respond to the most demanding briefs without any reliance on 3rd parties, saving time and money and giving us full control over the process.”

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