Inlet Screens

A portfolio of screens ideally suited to a variety of flow rates & operational environments

Across our 5 operational hubs we hold an extensive portfolio of Escalator, Band, Brush and Bar screens that can be rapidly deployed to maintain operational efficiency.

Boasting flow rates of up to 500l/s, our screens can be easily fitted to channel sizes ranging from 300mm to 500mm. Where the channel is wider, we can supply channel adapters to accommodate installation and minimise further disruption to site.

Where there are no channels available, M&N are able to supply screens mounted in a dedicated stainless steel tank with inlet and outlet flanges to meet flow requirements.

The majority of our screens are supplied with 6mm perforated baskets, however smaller dimensions can easily be supplied where required.

FSM 6mm 2D escalator screen

Our popular FSM 6mm 2D escalator screen

We also offer hire equipment specially designed in-house such as our patented MNSS5 Combined Spiral Brush Screen, a flexible screening solution that can handle a variety of flow rates.

 MNSS5 rendered

Technical Data:

Download MNSS5 PDF [233 KB]